We are a family business in the second generation.

  • Founding year: 1985
  • Owner-managed company
  • Many years of experience
  • Micronization and refining of your pharmaceutical products
  • Processing of quantities from a few grams to tonnes
  • Highest quality and safety standards
  • Various certifications and approvals (GMP certificate, manufacturing authorization, FDA authorization, accreditation in Japan)
  • Trained employees
  • Global customers

GfM mbH from its foundation to today

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Company foundation by Mr. Gunther Rasack (Dipl. Ing.)

Mr. Gunther Rasack (Dipl. Ing.) becomes CEO

Moving to Bremen-Lesum, Germany

Construction of our aseptic micronization area

Enlargement and modernization of the warehouse

Passing of the first FDA inspection and Mr. Ante Rasack becomes CEO and shareholder

Obtaining the manufacturing authorization after passing the first GMP inspection

Enlargement of production areas

First accreditation in Japan

Construction of a third aseptic micronization area and reconstruction of production sector 4 and 5

Enlargement of our storage capacities

Certified quality

cGMP describes guidelines for “good manufacturing practice”. The focus here is on the quality assurance of the production processes and production environment for the processing of pharmaceuticals, active agents and medical devices.

Quality management system (QM system)
We employ a QM system that includes the “good manufacturing practice” in accordance with our activities. All in-house divisions concerned with the creation, maintenance and implementation of the QM system are permanently subject to the requirements of the EU GMP guideline.

Qualified Person
The Qualified Person checks the batch release and thus the formal and substantive accuracy of the batch documentation in accordance with the EU GMP guideline.

To comply with the periodic inspections conducted by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, our company has an additional production qualification for the American market.

We are accredited in Japan as a certified manufacturer. In cooperation with our Japanese business agent, we will be happy to assist you to obtain accreditation for your products for the Japanese market as well.

Agriculture and Fisheries

     Health, Labor and Welfare


Our company has a manufacturing authorization in compliance with §13 AMG (German Medicinal Products Act). As such, our cGMP conformity is regularly confirmed by the responsible authorities.

Manufacturing authorization


Job and Career

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