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GfM is the world market leader in the field of micronization for the production of high-quality pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients. State-of-the-art equipment and safety protocols ensure the highest production standards and enable us to produce and reproduce particle sizes of less than 5 μm.

Particle size analysis is also part of our repertoire where we can analyze your products with regards to chemical properties such as stability
reactivity, fracture strength and much more.

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Micronization (ultra-fine milling) means the reduction of particles to a size of less than 10 μm, using special milling processes. This can for example be used, to increase the solubility or bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. 

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Particle size analysis

The stability, chemical reactivity, flowability, tensile strength, etc. of many materials are significantly influenced by the size and properties of the particles they contain.

About Particle size analysis

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Our production processes and machinery are regularly inspected and certified by recognized inspection agencies.

Due to regular inspections of the drug regulatory authorities of Japan, the United States and Germany, our company has production qualifications for the American, Japanese and German markets.

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In our work, we pay attention to the highest level of safety.

This is ensured, among other things, by the use of functional protective clothing. Regular internal training and attendance at external training courses support the up-to-dateness of our protective measures.

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For GfM, too, environmental protection is an important part of the company philosophy.

The avoidance of environmental contamination and its consequences plays an important role. Extensive environmental protection is ensured by compliance with cGMP guidelines. In addition, we are constantly working to further improve our processes and implement environmentally friendly measures in our daily work.

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